Ready Mixed Mortar

Ready Mixed Mortar is available for collection or delivery, it can be collected in our 0.25m³ tubs or delivered in our tubs and crane lifted off from one of our trucks.

For larger quantities we can deliver in one of our mixer trucks and fill mortar tubs on site. We can also supply our mortar in smaller quantities down to any size gorilla tub or even a trowel full. We can even supply all the tools you need to do the job including trowels, levels, string lines, wheelbarrows and even the gorilla tubs from our shop.

All our mortar is air tested and crush tested in house to assure quality mixes at the required strength.

  • One day to two day retarders
  • We also mix coloured mortar to customers requirements and colours
  • We can supply hydrated lime mortar
  • All available for delivery or collection

Notes for building in winter periods: Fresh mortar does not have any antifreeze within it, the NHBC recommend building work should not be carried out if the temperature is likely to fall below 2 degree Celsius or building work is to be protected and kept within a heated area for a period of up to six days after being built to allow it to cure. This can be found on the NHBC website