Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is available in a variety of different mix designs to suit the application it is being used for such as floors, foundations, fence posts and driveways.

It can be supplied loose, in tubs or in bulk bags. We can supply screed mixes with no stones for laying paving and house floors with fibres and retarder (ideal for floors on top of underfloor heating)

We can also add admixtures to the mixes such as:

  • Freeflow - to give a wetter more flowable mix without compromising the strength of the concrete.
  • Retarder - to delay the setting time of the concrete.
  • Air Entrainer - gives freeze/thaw protection, improved workability and reduces bleed water.
  • Foam - for trench filling.
  • Polypropylene Fibres - to reduce cracking due to plastic shrinkage during concrete curing.
  • Bonar Durus S400 Fibres - structural fibres that are a direct replacement for steel mesh (only on ground bearing slabs, i.e. yard floors etc)